Should I envy Airbnb’s Office?

Whenever I see offices like these, I always wonder if the people who share or awe understand the gist behind the design (I’m not talking about the ergonomics of the chairs or that 50%-of-our-working-time-should-be-standing-instead-of-sitting-to-avoid-dying-faster-type-of-PR-BS)

I’m talking about productivity and efficiency already not being top priority of these taken off startups, when they’re aiming at 200% yoy growth as opposed to the struggling 10-20% growth of the avg. Corp America.

With this premise in mind, it’s logical for them to create an “alternative” working environment to achieve some other agenda, like creativity, feeling good by “my jacuzzi is bigger than yours”, something for their employees to boast as part of the talents retention program, jaw-dropping photo shooting scenes for media to cover to attract more investors, etc.

My point is, if you’re working in a listed Corp, don’t feel bad that your office is never gonna look like this because it’s a different business and growth model your company is heading towards.

Or if you’re a budding startup, you can set it as your goal but don’t try to do it too soon to hurt your cash flow because who cared what the garage looked like when Steve Jobs or Twitter or IG or Whatsapp first started out? Or if you’re at a startup team of 5 and your intake #6 asks why your office doesn’t look like that of Airbnb, then you know #6 isn’t gonna stick around when you’re hitting rough. Hire at your own risk.

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