[May 9, 2019] Sharing at Adobe Executive Cocktail

Honored to be invited by Adobe and sitting together with Mr Anson Bailey, Head of Technology & Head of Consumer & Retail, ASPAC, KPMG, and Mr James Fisher, Chief Operating Office, Spacious for a panel discussion on “how business can stay competitive by empowering your marketing team”.

We are all familiar with Adobe but I was so impressed to see how this 35-year old company has been keeping up with the market and making sure it stays relevant throughout all these years.

My two cents responding to the topic would be:

  1. Responsive to the market
  2. Collaborative internally with your colleagues, and externally with your customers and partners
  3. Iterative when it comes to operation and creative execution
  4. And be a T-shaped leader!

It was a very enjoyable event, meeting new friends. It also gave me a chance to reflect upon some of the important lessons I have learned over the past 10 years in the fastest growing industry.